61% of CEOs are concerned their companies are not adapting fast enough. And 78% don’t know where to start. The adaptiveExecOS™ cohort will give you the adaptive skills and tools you need today and tomorrow. 


You can either keep trying to put the toothpaste back in the tube by trying to do business as usual…or…you can grow your adaptive leadership skills and accelerate away from your competitors. We help you learn and do different…and how you can help your teams and org do the same. 

The adaptiveExecOS cohort is designed and led by executive leaders…for executive leaders. This 12-month program will give you the operating system of tools, techniques, and skills to amplify how you and your team execute, grow, innovate, and transform. Better and faster…and with more heart and soul. We only work with a limited number of leadership teams and cohorts so that you can learn directly from our founders – executives who have been where you are at – companies like FedEx, Accenture, and Adobe. 




“This was a remarkable event. I have been to many of these and the clarity of the vision, the quality of execution, the connection of the people and experience and the creation of real value, both professional and personal was exceptional”. - CXO, PepsiCo 


“The content, venue, attention to detail, conversations and overall experience were simply unforgettable. What mattered most is that the past two days pushed me both physically and mentally. Your ability to establish and foster an environment of exchange, vulnerability and honesty among a group of peers and strangers was simply magical. It’s rare to be challenged so much and come out the other side feeling so incredibly refreshed. I’m ready for what’s next in a way that would never have expected.” – CXO, Deloitte 


“Amazing experience that connected great professionals all going through similar digital transformation journeys and created an open environment to discuss ideas and approaches”. - Former CXO, Adidas  


Are you tired of superficial listicles on how to be a better leader, “hacks” on better leadership, coaching that is unstructured and lacks connection to business priorities, or “thought leadership” from people who have only thought about it and not personally done it?  


We show you the How step-by-step. None of the buzzy corporate rhetoric and jargon. Just practical bare-knuckle methods and tools that have been proven successful in the field…time and time again. We use the art and science of progressive learning and habit building methodologies. You will be inspired, engaged, and edified. 


From day one, you will apply the adaptiveOS (Adaptive Operating System), learnings, and experiments on your current priorities. You will begin to see results within weeks, and they will multiply as you continue to learn and apply more of the system over the following months. 


No more death-by-powerpoint. This is a highly immersive and experiential learning and doing journey.  

  • 3 x in-person offsite gatherings 
  • 20 x one-on-one coaching sessions with one of our founders – a practitioner executive 
  • 12 x virtual cohort sessions 
  • 8 x learning modules 
  • adaptiveOS manual – a comprehensive guide packed with the tools, frameworks, models, and resources to be your co-pilot in adapting and leading for yourself, your teams, and your organization 
  • And much more…we can’t reveal all of our brilliant secrets in the public 


Greater adaptability: 

  • Enlarged capacity to deal with change and uncertainty 
  • Ability to see around corners 
  • Improved sense and respond capabilities 

Amplified team alignment: 

  • Greater focus on business priorities 
  • Magnified trust and collaboration 
  • Higher employee retention 

Faster execution and problem solving: 

  • Amplified strategic thinking 
  • Better decision making – and faster 
  • Faster delivery of solutions – and with higher success 

Accelerated skill development: 

  • Learning faster and deeper 
  • Staying ahead of technology changes, like AI 

Increased innovation: 

  • Elevated quantity and quality of ideas 
  • Expanded creative thinking within constraints 
  • Implementation of more low risk experiments to test ideas and learn faster 

Stronger employee well-being:

  • Higher self-purpose and connection to team and company purpose 
  • Reduced stress 
  • Boosted morale and motivation 


Executive leaders who want: 

  • To execute better and faster on their priorities. 
  • A successful transformation. 
  • A system for embracing change and uncertainty. 
  • To outfox their competition today and tomorrow 
  • To make better decisions. 
  • More trust and team strength. 
  • To build adaptive habits. 
  • To create more ideas and better ones. 
  • To learn from experts who have been where you are. 
  • To attract and retain the best talent. 



  • How to adapt swiftly to change, uncertainty, and new challenges. 
  • How to learn, unlearn, and relearn. 
  • How to quickly pivot, embrace uncertainty, and seize unforeseen advantages.  
  • How to courageously become a stronger as a team.  
  • How to habitually create novel and useful ideas to solve complex problems and innovate new solutions. 
  • How to use the adaptiveOS tools and techniques to complete your priorities better and faster.  

FAQs- We have answers

How long is the cohort program?
  • The program is 12-months long and divided into six-week learning-experimenting-adapting modules.
How will this tie to my team’s priorities, execution of our strategic goals?
  • Before the first session, adaptiveQ will meet with the leaders and review their priorities and strategic goals. The program will be structured around those priorities and goals. 
What about the adaptiveQ program is different from traditional leadership development offerings?
  • This is an integrated system and program, and not just a collection of isolated learnings or tools.  
  • adaptiveQ is built by co-founders who have been practitioners for the past 25+ years using and refining these concepts and methods in building and leading global companies (like FedEx, Accenture, Adobe). 
  • The adaptiveQ approach is to create independence and sustainability by “teaching you how to fish” versus the traditional consulting approach of “done for you and to you”. 
  • The adaptiveOS goes beyond developing the individual leader to developing the team and the organization. 
  • We use the latest science-backed and proven learning methods to inspire, engage, and build scalable and sustainable habits. 
  • The adaptiveOS directly connects your priorities and goals to the skills and capabilities that your leaders and teams need to develop to be better and faster today and tomorrow. 
How long before we will see impact from this program?
  • From day one, you will apply the adaptiveOS system, learnings, and experiments on your current priorities. You will begin to see results within weeks, and they will multiply as you continue to learn and apply more of the system over the following months and across future projects.