A live one-day workshop to get you started on your adaptive growth journey. Begin applying the Adaptive Operating System the next day on your current project/priority.  


The adaptiveSpark workshop is an immersive learning experience on the adaptive fundamentals to thrive in change. You will learn the core Adaptive Operating System. The workshop is designed to make a difference and be actionable… immediately. To help you learn and do different. To help you get to where you want to be – faster. This is your super-advantage in the new normal of constant change and uncertainty. 


Learn from experienced leaders who have been where you are. Had success. Repeatedly. Been game-changers, disruptors, mavericks, makers, and mentors. Wrestled with failures to only grow stronger than before. This journey is hard. But it can also be exhilarating. We want to help you on yours. 


Leaders and team members who want: 

  • To execute better and faster on their priorities. 
  • A successful transformation. 
  • A system for embracing change and uncertainty. 
  • To outfox their competition today and tomorrow 
  • To make better decisions. 
  • More trust and team strength. 
  • To build adaptive habits. 
  • To create more ideas and better ones. 
  • A workshop and learning experience that is meaningful and not forgotten in a week. 
  • To learn from experts who have been where you are. 


  • How to embrace uncertainty, change and new challenges with courage and seize unforeseen opportunities. 
  • How to apply the three adaptive fundamentals to yourself and your team. 
  • How to use the adaptive operating system to complete your current priority/project better and faster. 
  • Tools and techniques that have been proven in the field. Time and time again. 


Here’s the thing. The leaders and teams that are doing well – today and tomorrow – are growing their adaptive skills and capabilities. Want to gain a super-advantage over your competition and help yourself and your team thrive in this new normal of change and uncertainty?   


Book our adaptiveSpark workshop for a dynamic day of inspiration, learning, and real-world application. This is your next step in your journey of getting to where you want to be with your team and business.  


Register your interest to book one of our limited adaptiveSpark workshops.  

FAQs- We have answers

Is this right for me and my team? 
  • Only if you are open to change and want to learn and do different. If you want to maintain the status quo – then this is not for you.  
  • Yes, it is right for you if you want any of the points above under “Who is this for?”  
How is this different from other workshops or training? 
  • This is an experience – not a couple of consultants/coaches talking at you with a mind-numbing powerpoint deck.  
  • Light on theory and heavy on real application and action.  
  • These concepts and tools have been refined in the real-world for over 25 years. We have been where you are. And are sharing with you the same secrets that helped us deliver success at global companies like FedEx, Accenture, and Adobe.  
  • You will leave with an adaptive operating system, tools, and techniques you can apply to your current priority or challenge the next day. It will help you 10X your work and make your time worth it.  
Why do this workshop now? 
  • Because your customers, C-Team, and Board are demanding you to keep pace with the constantly changing wants, technology, and markets.  
  • If you want to attract the best talent – and have them stay – you need this now.  
  • If Blackberry or Kodak had taken this workshop, would they still be around today? We think so.  

What do I need to bring?
  • An open mind. And something to write with – your favorite pen, pencil, marker, or crayon.